Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are a beautiful way to print your wedding memories! They are printed like a story book so you can flick through the pages and remember the incredible story of your special day - BEST PICTURE BOOK EVER! As the name suggests, you can leave it on your coffee table, have it on show and let all your guests swoon over the day as well!

Your book:

  • Is made of recycled paper (very important to me! Saving the environment, one book at a time.)

  • Made with a cotton canvas cover with a half dust jacket.

  • Can be 50, 100, 150 pages (or more if you add!)

  • Is the more cost efficient option compared to a flat-lay album.



50 pages:       $450
Second copy: $200

100 pages:      $600
Second copy: $300

150 pages:      $700
Second copy: $380

Extra pages: $5 per page

More info...
You'll be sent a preview of the design and given 2 reviews for changes. 
Extra reviews and changes will be charged.
All prices include postage within Australia.
4 week turn around time*
*Reviews depending