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Thanks so much for taking the time to have a squiz at my stuff. I have always been a sucker for remembering things whether it’s through writing down all my feelings or shoving my camera in everyone’s faces and taking photos when anything moved. Because life is just too good to forget.

I want to remind you of this time. I want to remind you how much you love. How much you love each other. How big your dreams are. How much fun you have. How much your family loves you. How your child’s tiny fingers feel when they're up your nose. How you cried. I want to photograph it all and preserve this special life that you and I both have.


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Recent work on the journal

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01.About Me

I’m a Brisbane based photographer of life and lovers. Photographer of the comfortable, the cosy, the cute, the crazy. Life is fun and I love to capture and be part of it. Get to know me better over here.

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02. Portfolios

I love photographing people. Whether its lovers, families, music - anything where there’s moments and passion. Head over to my portfolio pages for an idea of what I could do for you.

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