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Hello, I’m Aimee.

“Good photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field”
”It is what it is” - Life & shooting motto.

I am so glad you are here and taking the time to get to know me.

I obviously love creating memories with my lens - but I mostly love how my cameras show me the beauty in the world; pretty things, fun times, amazing relationships and out of this world people. I’ve always been big on sentiment and the precious and mundane moments of the every day. When my husband Matt first moved in with me, I threw out (recycled) 47 diaries in hopes he wouldn’t find out I’m crazy. 47! I wrote down everything because everything felt significant. I also photographed everything and that’s where my love came from. It started with my guinea pigs and my dog, my siblings, every single lunchtime at school, to my brother’s gigs, to parties - and now, to your story. I think there is so much beauty in the every day and it should all be treasured. I love how I can create a legacy of memories for other people, as it’s something I’ve treasured doing for myself. Real moments, real connections and real places. Life is fun and I like to capture it and be a part of it. Love is my favourite thing in the world, I've moved to the other side of the world for love and I love it in front of my camera.

You know I like photography and that’s what I do, so when I’m not out shooting, you can find me binge watching shows while editing, cleaning my glasses because I probably cried to the show, wishing I had a dog or rechecking the fridge for new snacks. When I’m not working, you can find me hanging out with my husband; generally watching movies and eating, sometimes at home, sometimes out. I like to get in the outdoors and nature and definitely need to do more of that and get the paddle board I have been wanting for the last 900 years.


I am an eco-friendly photographer. I love our world so much and want to do all I can to help preserve it in my personal and business life. I thrive off the hand made, repurposed and community made weddings.


Fun facts about me.

1. i am recently married to a wonderful, wonderful man called matt. we have been together for 6 years. He’s british and we’ve lived in both our countries during our relationship. we had an eco friendly, home made, plant based wedding and it was the best day ever.

2. I’m a vegan. I love animals so much and also want to do as much as I can to protect the environment from further damage.

3. being a bride has helped me understand weddings even better and know what matters

4. I love Harry Potter. Everything about it. My glasses are coincidentally the same brand as in the movies and i look like daniel radcliffe with a snapchat filter

5. i drink way too much coffee for my tiny (short) body but it provides caffeine induced word vomit which makes me excitable and fun at every session!

6. my desert island food today is frozen bananas because there will obviously be a freezer.

7. I have a brother and a sister and they are my favourite

8. I can’t wait to have babies and a pantry full of jars filled at bulk food shops. Am I a boring yuppy?

9. I say haha and use too many !!!!!!s and i hate it but i am who i am

10. I love swimming and all things water until you can’t see the bottom anymore.

11. I have photographed Hanson and The Backstreet Boys.

12. when i was 9, I taught myself how to play My Heart Will Go On on the recorder through my nose.

13. If you play sandstorm by darude at your wedding, i will be in the middle of the dance floor.

Image by Sophie Baker Photography

Image by Sophie Baker Photography


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